The Garden of the Garden Designer

The Garden of the Garden Designer

The Garden of the Garden Designer


When people find out I am a Garden Designer they’ll ask or say one of three things, “I bet you have a huge garden” or “Is your garden like one of those on the TV” or my top favourite “you would love my friends garden.”  Hmmmm.

This will be the first time I have revealed my back garden to the house we moved into over three years ago. It was quite a project and one that could not be rushed.

June 2015 two 40 ft high trees towered above the house. We had no fences, and a huge shed on stilts was literally knocking at our back door.

I have little patience and want things yesterday but this was going to be a labour of love. I tell my clients to be strategic, to follow a well thought out plan and not waste money on having something rapidly done only to regret later. Time to heed my own advice.

The trees came down first (forgive me because I do love trees) and the fences went up. A plan was drawn and a garden designed on paper.

The shed was a sticking point. We had downsized to move to this house and the shed was our saviour housing surplus as we learnt to live with less. I also didn’t know that it had been built to witstand a nuclear blast so demolition was slow.

Two summers on (now 2017) and a stinking  bad mood saw me take to the shed with a sledgehammer. In epic Hollywood style the shed fell.

My office, now located at the end of the garden was a birthday present to me in October 2017. Once in place the rest could flow. I laboured hard and fast just in time to enjoy the summer that was 2018. We were amazed at how much we actually had missed having a garden and spent every minute we could in our new space.

It’s not finished. Knowing me it will change 5 times over in less years, but I love it. It reflects me and kelvin and the home we live in. It has personality with a bit of quirkiness thrown in. Is it huge? No. Is it like one of those gardens on TV? Depends on the show you watch. Will I like your friend’s garden? Not necessarily and you may not like mine. But I do promise you one thing, ask me to design yours and you’ll love that one.



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