Somewhere to unwind

Somewhere to unwind

Somewhere to unwind

New build houses are all very lovely and glossy, everything brand spanking new but they lack one big thing for me and that is mature plants.

This house is owned by a very busy couple who wanted their garden to be a place of R&R. From the moment they moved in they were committed to creating a garden with WOW factor.

In a relatively small space I gave them a design that transformed a boring square of green into something colourful and interesting to look at. The path encourages you to walk around the garden giving the illusion of more space. The decking pad that tucks around the back of the garage suggests that there is another part to the garden when in fact it just leads to a brick wall (made more interesting by a climbing Ceanothus).

I also encouraged them to make the big investment in plants. You have to think a few years ahead with any garden and more so with new builds. Put the plant structure in as quickly as possible because that will make the biggest difference a few years down the line.

As soon as this garden was complete the guys were transformed into green fingered gardeners. I regularly get updates and recent photos and look forward to seeing it in full maturity 5 years from now.

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